Contributors 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Our goal is to foster a community of involved and inspired humans to help build this platform through their own individual skills and abilities. We’re calling them contributors, and they’re what we hope will drive this project of creating a “video trail-library” across the Cape. We’ll most likely be developing a section within the FKTseries for each individual to focus on, but for now, here they are…

Jonathan Marc Black

I’m a (very) recent Actuarial Science graduate but have spent a lot more time in the mountains over the past few years than I have behind the books. Currently focusing on training and coaching and trying to make it to the ‘top’; wherever that may be. Always looking to explore new areas and routes – and doing them at pace is where the real fun begins. I’ve been known to hunt the odd segment or two over the past few years, so naturally, this project is something that interests me. Super excited to share some of the best routes around Cape Town with you all! Follow Jono on Instagram & Strava