Our aim with this contributors section is to create a space (“column’) for inspired runners to author articles from time to time, on pretty much anything they’re passionate about, and feel the running community at large may find value in. Whether its a personal anecdote, training advice or industry commentary, our contributors are hear to speak an honest truth without any other agenda. Check them out below.

Lucas R Adams

I’ve got a product-design centred background, and have been involved in entrepreneurial ventures as far back as I can remember. When I’m not busy tinkering with a new skill-set or dreaming up product ideas for the next “big thing” you’ll find me on the mountains enjoying some of Cape Town’s best descents and more recently, adapting to speed-work on the road. The FKTseries is a lovechild of sorts, born from the desire to create a useful resource for myself and others, I hope you enjoy. Follow Lucas on  Instagram & Strava

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Ross Dold

I’m a relatively recent import to Cape Town, having semi-grated from Joburg in 2016. We (being me, my wife and two crazy Labradors) moved with the view to enjoy all of the outdoor possibilities on offer, and I think it’s safe to say “mission accomplished”. Other than a husband and dad, I’m a Civil Engineer for 40 hours a week, and a self-trained runner who enjoys everything from a 30 minute track workout to half a day of exploring new trails. I hope you find some inspiration in my ramblings! Follow Ross on Instagram & Strava

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Ross' Ramblings

Jonathan Black & Dylan Stevenson

I’m a (very) recent Actuarial Science graduate but have spent a lot more time in the mountains over the past few years than I have behind the books. Currently focusing on training and coaching and trying to make it to the ‘top’; wherever that may be. Always looking to explore new areas and routes – and doing them at pace is where the real fun begins. I’ve been known to hunt the odd segment or two over the past few years, so naturally, this project is something that interests me. Super excited to share some of the best routes around Cape Town with you all! Follow Jono on Instagram & Strava

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Coaches Corner