The goal with our Workshops are to gather the best “teachers” that also happen to possess a high level of competency within specifics skillsets (read: disciplines). We’ll be starting off by focussing on the most teachable yet elusive weapons in a trail-runners arsenal – Technical Downhill Running.

We want to execute our workshops in much the same manner as the Micro Race Series, taking a “less, but better” approach with regards to keep things niche and limited. Having a smaller group allows those involved to gain as much out of the overall workshop experience as possible.

With our first workshop, we’ll be focussing exclusively on a Beginner Level, best suited to those that are aware that they could be a lot faster and more confident on the descents as when compared to their friends (and competitors). We believe beginners have a much steeper learning curve ahead of them, and are thus best positioned to gain as much value out of the “workshop concept”.

Next Workshop: TBC

Take part in the next Beginners Technical Downhill Workshop by Booking your ticket. Tickets are limited to x10 per session and we’ll announce the next date shortly.

How long, how much, and where?

This first Beginners Technical Downhill Workshop will take place in Cape Town:

  • Start time: 07:15am (eg arrived and ready)
  • Overall workshop duration: 4 hours (try free up your morning though)
  • Next Date: We’ve just completed on first one, so the next date is TBC.
  • Meet Location: On Signal Hill, at the Kramat (here)

What's included and covered?

The following will be covered throughout this workshop:

  • Theory (+-1hr) “learning”: Essentials in downhill running. Mindset. Confidence. Technique.
  • Practical (+- 1.5hr) “Actual running”: Technique. Correction. Flow. Cadence.
  • Training Q&A (+-1hr) “Practice”: Best descents. Endurance. Footwork.
  • Other: Coffee, BOS Sport & Energy Bars 😀