O n the 13th August 2018, we kicked off the first-ever FKT Segment Challenge. In short, think of this is a “monthly (trail) parkrun” occurring along a regular route, that’s accessible and safe for all to participate in. Learn more about it in detail here. 

After 5 action-packed weeks of seeing trail-runners set their best times around the 5.3km / 175m loop on Lions Head, we’re happy to announce that it was a great success, and a bunch of fun to put on.

Watch our latest interview with the August winners here.

W ith 106 official runner’s logging their best times using the Strava platform, we’d like to give a shout out to each and every one of you for taking part and joining in on the fun. Below are all the official results.

Women’s Overall
1. @juli.pahl 25:54 🏆
2. @missyzep 28:06
3. @rozannegroen 29:42

Men’s Overall
1. @davelonglongdave 20:20 🏆
2. @rosstherambler 21:45
3. @jonomarcblack 22:22

Images © FKTseries

We sat down with David Long & Julika Pahl to hear about their experience running the fastest laps around Lions Head. You can watch the interview here.

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