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B efore reading any further, please be sure to fully read through our first post (here) which details the Micro Race Series (MRS) – it has been significantly updated since.

I’m happy to report that we’ve received an incredibly strong response to this next step, and progression of the Segment Challenge. I think this response is largely due to the simplification of having an all in one race day which is easily understood, and also that there might have been an underlying desire for a Strava based championship amongst faster runners for some time. In many ways the MRS isn’t that different from what we’ve been trying to achieve with the Segment Challenge – getting runners to log their fastest times over a month long period, along a chosen segment (trail) – but with the exception that this “period” is now used as a qualifier for runner’s to set their personal bests along the race route, in order to try obtain one of only 20 entries that will be made available through the Strava based qualification process.

So you’re saying to yourself “okay cool story bro, but what’s new here?” well that’s just where it get’s interesting! I’ve been largely inspired by many a conversation with Strava enthusiasts (yes it’s a thing) to a point where I’ve finally had to execute an idea which has been lingering for ages: a year-long championship, operating in a manner similar to that of Formula 1, where points are awarded based on your finishing position within a series of races during a calendar year, and eventually, a winner being determined by having accumulated the most points (ultimately achieved by having consistently performed throughout the series). Sound fun?

Once again, I won’t go into any more detail about the overall MRS concept as I’ve made sure to update the last post (read here) to include all these details and more about the mechanics about the championship. This, plus the MRS website is now live (see here).

W ithout any further delay, Id like to get into the details of the first of 5 micro races that will be occurring throughout the 2019 calendar year: The Constantia Classic TT.

Set along arguably the most pristine greenbelt trails in Cape Town, this 10km out and back starts from the Constantia Nek Trailhead, and maintains its course along the contours, whipping along rolling jeep track, endless steps, rock beds, rivers and more, all the way to a turnstile located just below Devils Peak – this is your turn around point and halfway into the overall race route.

“Set along arguably the most pristine greenbelt trails in Cape Town, this 10km out and back starts from the Constantia Nek Trailhead and maintains its course along the contours.”

Retracing your steps from this point, first timers along the route will easily be caught off guard thinking that it’s pretty much the same ride home. It isn’t. Not only have you probably gone out pretty confidently from the start, but you’re obviously 50% of the way in, and the nature of trail running dictates that its never really the same, even if you’re crossing the trail path twice. With all that said, don’t be intimidated one little bit, as this 20k trail run is arguably one of the best routes to not only test your overall ability (it’s got so much variety underfoot), but feel fast along a well-known road hallmark, the half-marathon.

To get a full overview of the Constantia Classic TT and how best to approach the Strava segment (FKT Series: Constantia TT), be sure to read through our detailed write up about the route (here).

I n terms of what participants (and supporters) can expect, here’s a basic summary of what’s currently planned (and hasn’t been mentioned) for this first event.

Race Briefing:

A race briefing will be organized on the week prior (details tbc) to race day, at a location within CBD Cape Town. At this briefing, opportunities will rise for participants to ask questions and gather any additional information they may require, and a video/episode (signup to our YouTube here) of the course route will be screened on this date.

Post Race Cooldown:

Once all 35 runners have completed their runs and exchanged high fives (plus lactic acid has been wiped away from eyelids) everyone involved will be asked to head towards our friends at the Jack Black Brewery in order to share war stories while enjoying a few beers on the house (food will be available). We estimate that prize giving will take place not long after the 2nd beer, and we’ll also be doing a Strava Flyby screening to relive the race. The goal with The Cool Down is to really allow as many participants to share their perspective of how their own races unfolded, share in the atmosphere of that addictive feeling after having laid your best (hopefully), plus let the brakes go on being addicted to drilling down the finer nuances of your performance with others (read: Strava, again).

Supporting & Social Media:

One of the core things we’re trying to foster and build upon with the FKTseries project as a whole, is community. You’re more than welcome to “rock up” on race day and line the route. Your support and cheers would be very welcomed by those out on the course, and they’d be very much appreciated by everyone. If you’re unable to attend, but want to stay in the loop, please follow along via social media on Instagram (@fktseries) as we share live-updates (Instagram live most probably) about each race.

Prizes & Sponsors:

Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 Men & Women, including the most improved/deserving Man & Woman on the day. At this stage, we’re proud to announce that Jack Black has very kindly come on board to not only support the FKTseries project but also get behind this first Micro Race in a big way. If you’re a brand reading this and think you see value within what we’re doing, don’t be shy to mail us (here).

Race specific details for the Constantia Classic TT:

  • See the official MRS website for Rules & FAQ’s
  • Race Participants: maximum of 35 (total).
  • Start Location: Constantia Nek Trail Head (map here).
  • Route Info: Full descriptions, GPX downloads etc (see here).
  • Race Start Time: 08:00am (tbc via email)
  • Race Date: Saturday, 12 January 2019 (confirmed)
  • Strava-based qualifications are open until 31 December 2018 (on the day counts too).
  • Entries available: (30%/10) Invitational and (70%/25) based upon your qualifier ranking on the Segment leaderboard.
  • Championship: This is the #1 race of the 2019 MRS.

As always, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this, I really appreciate “your eyes and ears”. To stay in the loop, please be sure to follow the fktseries project by signing up to our newsletter for words, on Instagram for images, and YouTube for videos, plus feel free to join our Strava Club. Lastly, any feedback or commentary you may have is highly prized, good or bad, so don’t be shy to share it: is the best place.


Lucas R Adams (@lucasradams)


  • Ross Dold says:

    This is going to be such a jol. From a fellow Strava enthusiast, a lot of the fun will just be qualifying and watching guys and gals throw it down to get their spot!

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head; half the point is simply getting people out there running a new route, at a pace they wouldn’t normally push towards. Looking forward to see you in full flight along the 20k course Ross! Thanks so much for your dedicated enthusiasm throughout.

  • Phillip Gibb says:

    Looks like fun.
    I’ll swing by, early enough to get a head start and offer my support to everyone racing past me and back.
    Wish I could be fast enough but those days are over …

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