I t’s here, the Day of Downhill, coming in hot this Saturday 09 March 2019, and we’re super excited to do something that hasn’t quite been done in this format within the city we all love so much. this post simply serves as a catch all for the following information so that supporters, friends and anyone interested can follow along the day’s proceedings.

A quick shout out and thank you to @jonomarcblack @dylstevenson @talyagoldberg @janavh04 and @adrivanderhoven for being part of the approaching day and making up the MRS team!

1.1 Race Day Schedule:

The DOD has three different descents that will be raced independently throughout the morning. Three descents means there are three different start times, and start locations throughout the course of the morning.

Two group hikes will also be in place for Platteklip Gorge & Devils Peak so that contenders can head up together safely while building up the tension and scouting the route; they are of course free to get to the start of each descent anyway they please.

  • First group hike starts at the base of Platteklip Gorge Trailhead at 05:45am.
  • A briefing will then commence at the top of the gorge by the beacon at 06:45am.
  • Race start time at the top of Platteklip Gorge: 7:00am (descent #1).
  • Race start time at the top of The Glen: 09:00am (descent #2).
  • Second hike starts at the base of Devils Peak Trailhead: 10:15am.
  • Race start time at the top of Devils Peak Summit: 11:30am (descent #3).
  • A post race wind down will occur at the Devils Peak Trailhead once everyone is finished with ice cold Jack Black & BOS Sport and views for days of our beloved city! Join us.
  • Estimated MRS Day Of Downhill race finish: 12:30pm.

1.2 Race Format:

The overall concept of having multiple descents within one race takes on a certain “enduro” format and requires a level of complexity to ensure that there aren’t too many bottlenecks along the narrow paths while keeping the flow and order of the race as smooth and accurate as possible.

  • Each contender will down three separate descents (heats). After competing each, their time will be clocked and recorded. A contenders total accumulated time (for all three heats) will be used as their final result for the day. The faster your overall time, the better your overall position.
  • A contenders race time will only be timed between the start/finish of each of the three descents and it will be recorded by means of a traditional timing (watches and splits) system.
  • Our time keepers will be waiting at the base of each descent, and their clocks will be synchronised and started at the exact same time as that of race organiser who will be at the start (summit). Two-way radios will ensure clear concise communications.
  • We will be using a individual interval based start format: contenders will be arranged fastest to slowest based (based on their qualifying times or estimated) and will be sent down one at a time with a 15 second interval in between each runner.
  • The starting order for the proceeding descent will be based upon the overall positions of the prior descent (if you can second, you start 2nd).
  • Strava times are not being used for any kind of result driven purposes, with the exception of QOS/KOS for bonus points. Bonus points form part of the MRS Championship and will be awarded uniquely for each race.

1.3 Coverage & Media

  • We will be trying our best to live-stream as much fo the event as possible via Instagram, so please stay tuned to @fktseries through the morning.
  • We are fortunate enough to once again have the amazing (just look at theseKyle Kingsley who will be out and about on the route grabbing mug shots of all the contenders.

1.4 Finish & Post Race

  • We are kindly supported by Jack Black Brewery & BOS Sport and will have these for all finishers and their supporters. The goal is to have everyone chilling out, having a few drinks and taking in the views of Cape Town under the shade of trees.
  • Prize giving will commence at the finish of the final descent (Devils Peak Trailhead) once everyone is done and present. We estimate around 12:30pm.

Lucas R Adams (@lucasradams) is the Editor-in-Chief of the FKTseries project and shares personal “long-reads” on the philosophical aspects on running and life. Follow him on Strava

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