Last updated: 05-12-18

A fter 5 weeks of the final Segment Challenge, it’s a wrap. Like the Lions head Loop, Pat’s Track presented its own unique challenge in being a short, sharp route only that only a small bunch of runner’s took up.

A trail perhaps underestimated by many and sitting at only 4.2km, David Long (winner of the previous Challenge) once again tore apart the overall segment with a fastest time of 17:47 which in all honesty, would be very hard to beat. It must also be noted, and additional kudos must be issued given that he’s attempt was performed in very warm (non-ideal) conditions.

“kudos must be issued given that he’s attempt was performed in very warm (non-ideal) conditions.” 

When it comes to the ladies, Bianca Tarboton came in hot with a time of 21:00 flat; that seemed to have fastest ladies sealed, but with less than a week to go, Toni McCann dropped a spicy morning effort, shaving 10s off for a new fastest time of 20:50 to take the overall win and FKT for the segment.

Moving along the the the night time version of the same route, I knew it would be a big ask to have runners get out there and run the trail at night, but we thought we’d experiment. In the end, for the “night time leaderboard” a total of eight people got involved with Mike Van Der Merwe taking the men’s with a time of 21:54 and Monique Myburgh taking the ladies win with a 27:05. Madprops to you both for being so brave!

Men’s Winners: David Long & Mike V.D Merwe

W ith 63 official runner’s logging their best times using the Strava platform, I’d like to give a big thank you to each and every one of you for taking part and joining in on the fun. Below are all the official results.

Women’s Daytime Overall
1. Toni McCann 20:50
2. Bianca Tarboton 21:00
3. Julikah Pahl 23:10

Men’s Daytime Overall
1. David Long 17:47
2. Robert Tweddle 19:24
3. Cameron Mackintosh 19:38

Nighttime Overall
1. Monique Myburgh 27:05
2. Mike VD Merwe 21:45

Download the full set of results

Ladies Winners: Toni McCann (Xavier Briel) & Monique Myburgh (FKTseries)

A s mentioned in the previous two posts, in 2019 the FKTseries will be focusing on something called the Micro Race Series, which is a forward development of the Segment Challenge. In short, the five week period that was previously used for the Challenge, is now being used as a qualifier to gain access into a traditional once day race that will form part of a series throughout the calendar year.

As for this past event, I’d like to kindly thank Eiger Equipment for providing Petzl gear; Seattle Coffee Co for providing coffee, and Squirrels Nut Butter. Thank you for backing such a small initiative with your great products – I’m sure the winner’s are super appreciative.

Download the full set of results for the October 2018 Pats Track Segment Challenge.

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Lucas R Adams (@lucasradams)